Diary Thoughts

Mettle of ​a Man beyond its prison walls

It happened in the last few weeks for a call to prayers for a man as he faced the possibility of going to prison and it is a conflict to my conviction that he truly deserves to go to prison for his demeanour which the court of law is determined to put him away for good. First, I am not sure if I am a believer in prayers especially so for prayers that I know is against what God has already in His sovereignty determined the outcome of the consequences of a person’s violence. The truth I will not pray that he escape the conviction of prison, but if I do pray, it is for the strength to accept his judgement, the peace in his situation and lastly, the courage to change for the better. The mettle of a man is not defined by the prison walls, as all of us have our own prison walls, if not for Christ’s death that broke us free from its boundary. People go to prison for many reasons, some for the wrong reasons when they stood up to the tyranny of the state, some for their loyalty to Christ such as Apostle Paul and the early church. While some, for good reason, to keep them away from being a danger to others when their violence is hurting people we love. I am a firm believer in the prison system, but its reformative approach should be examined closer to make its role more efficient and truly reforming. I pray when he goes to prison, he will be convicted of his wickedness and truly repents in his quiet moments of reflection and the outcome of that experience is a man changed if not, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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