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Entering into the Presence of God

There is a distinct misunderstanding of God’s omnipresence vs God’s presence in the church today. This misunderstanding is probably one of the major reasons for many false teachings today in the church that is a mixture of the ancient mysticism, paganism and contemplative eastern religion practices.

We are all surrounded by AIR, yet, in some cases, we need special intake of oxygen especially in cases of medical requirement. God’s presence is like the air that surrounds us, yet, in the scriptures it is clear on a few things

1) Scriptures often bring to us a focus on the personality of God and that He is a personal God. He is not in the mighty fire, nor in the strong typhoon, but He is the still small voice.

2) Scriptures pointed that the presence of God is not just an OT occurrence, but in NT as well. Jesus went away to seek His Father.

3) Scriptures pointed that We are to seek Him and find Him.

Seeking the presence (Let’s not get into the process and techniques) of God is an indication of our spiritual condition. How have we yearn for Him in that presence. King David longs for the presence of God, etc.

The question being why there are so much controversy in the modern worship where the message of getting into God’s presence, i believe

1) Modern worship delivers a wrong mechanism for the church to a false spiritual experience. Are those “Presence” spiritual? Of course it is but not every spiritual experience is the presence of our God.

2) the weak basis of the modern church in understanding the fundamental of God’s words as authority around the theology opened up many false teachings such as the mysticism from ancient times to be morphed into the modern church today. One of the results is we accept any spiritual highness and equate that as the new drug.

3) Modern Church is a house that has more unconverted than disciples of Jesus. The unregenerated people in church, service after service, are hooked on the popular religious mantra for a spiritual equivalent to being right with God with physical blessings to validate their own warped spiritual condition.

As i was pondering on this, that analogy came and reminded me how much do we want to be in His presence, and in His presence, I believe we are inevitably changed. Not just by the experience, but through the Word of God (Preaching, Teaching) and through the work of the Holy Spirit that will change us.

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