Daily Devotion

Day 1: Give thanks

In the first month of Jan 2020, there recorded a total of 11185 earthquakes, a massive locust swarm ravaging through East Africa that will surely bring about famine, an outbreak of a new pandemic out of China Wuhan, with more than 12000 infected worldwide that resulting in more than 400 dead and is expected to escalate as countries worldwide are imposing travel bans to and from China, an historic peace plan to be introduced in the middle east by the Trump administration for Israel and Palestinians, rumors of war in the middle east with Iran firing missiles at Israel and American warships, and signs happening in the heavens where both the American Navy and United Kingdoms Military looking to release information recognizing the threats of UFOs and Aliens presence with unexplained signs and data they have collected for decades.

For the world, these drove fear into the hearts of the people, wondering are we seeing the world as we know it, coming to an end? On the other hand, Christians, truly born again Christians, are merely signs that Jesus is coming back soon. Instead of worrying about what will happen tomorrow, as Colossians 4:2 says

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

Many went on to the social media platforms, posting their views on when is Jesus coming back, and their interpretation of the Seven Seals and who is the King of the North, etc, merely making up as ‘noises’. Do we really need to know what are those seals or who is the King of the North when the scriptures clearly say, Jesus is the only one worthy to open the seals, then it is good enough for me. Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful when the signs are all showing up around the world, and most importantly, making sure we have a thankful heart.

What am I thankful for? As I contemplate this morning on the way to work, I am thankful for my wife, awesome woman, so full of love and compassion, godly and beautiful. For my two dogs, Oreo and Donut, for being such faithful and adorable companions, for my mom, godly and steadfast in her duty to provide and care for us, for my work, that God has provided through the work, finances needed for living a simple lifestyle.

Being thankful also brings me a contented heart. I should not ask for more lest my heart becomes proud, nor lack of anything that I should be exasperated and resort to thefts, and that I have all that I need, and allowing me to concentrate on what is more important than all these physical possessions, is my heart and my walk with God. Let me hold on close to You my King, let Your Word be the lamp to my path as my wife and I walk close with You on this narrow path.

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