Daily Devotion

Day 2: Saved by Grace

There is nothing complicated about Christianity, however, man’s wicked devices have complicated the simple message of faith that is by grace, we are saved. The man asked about the signs, who are those four horsemen, who is the mystery Babylon, and the truth, none of these really matters. We can be great apologist, an accomplished theologian, and consummate religion guru, none will save us. Our pursuit of such knowledge is not the reason for our salvation, Christ is.

The late Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones once said, if we are not changed by Grace, we are not saved by grace. That is the truth in the central doctrine and pillar of the Christian faith. It is centered around the person of Jesus and what He did on the Cross and on the resurrection Sunday, we have missed out on the essence of the Gospel message. The good news is that we do not need to work in order to qualify salvation, but it is the Salvation we received by grace that qualifies us for good work.

A Christian worth is not on their good works, it is the very blood that Christ died to redeem our sins that in that, Christ’s Righteousness is mine. When I stand before God on that Judgement Day, God will count me righteous because He sees Christ’s blood on the doorposts of my life and that Judgement will pass me by.

How often have we missed out on this truth? I have the unfortunate experience to learn from my wife and a friend about a pastor who stole the flock from his original church to set up his own and then move on to prove his worth with many national programs to justify his call. When one’s core has lost its integrity, no amount of good and shiny works matter to God. It is tragic that such, a pastor is no different from any carnal betrayal that is common in the world.

Dear God, let your Holy Spirit remind me that my worth is defined by Your blood, not by my works, nor by wealth, nor by my talents. That I may be contented in the station that in Your grace, mercy, and wisdom has determined to be so.

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