Christianity and the Problem of Slavery

Just to share my thought which may be stupid to you, but please bear with my stupidity for a min

1. The Scriptures is a record of God’s dealing with mankind with respect around a few critical issues: One of it being SIN, in contrast to how an absolutely holy God deals with the creation. It is not a guideline to anti slavery. But there are TONS of scriptures on Slavery

– God saw the cries of his people in Egypt, and God sent Moses 

– Israel was under siege in Canaan, God sent Gideon, Samson and the judges

– Leviticus Laws protected strangers and servants in laws to protect and preserve their dignity more than any modern laws around slavery

– God sent Esther and Mordecai to free Israel from the slavery of their conquerors

– Jesus came to free us from the bondage of Sin, and He will come again. 

2. Aren’t we all in slavery? We are all creatures of our wicked and sinful nature. The great delivery and fight for freeing us from that slavery is God Himself, by sending His Son to die for our sins. 

3. If Christianity is not opposing slavery, (Let’s not get into hundreds of years of history when white people enslaved african, those are not representative of the faith), we have people like William Wilberforce, Theodore S Wright and many countless fought on both the community and political level to end slavery. WHICH is by the way, did far more than rioting ever did. 

4. the issue of slavery today is not about the issue of black and white, it is now in another form, people are enslaved to debt, to pornography, alcoholism, etc. In looking at those slavery, i know no other group that is more critically against, and doing something to end those for insidious forms of slavery.

Christians, (Real Christians) are not cowards, they handled the issues like lions, but with the gentle meekness (not a sign of cowardice and weaknesses), and history has proven that man and woman of the faith died for what they believe in, since the early church in the arenas to the people killed for their belief today. So to use the word cowardice to describe Christians is like attributing cowardice to a lion.

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