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    The Two Trees in Eden

    Some observations while reading through the bible again. I did not notice this before. Genesis 2:15-17 The Lord God took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden to work it and watch over it. And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree of the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for on the day you eat from it, you will certainly die. First, besides being the first gardener of the human race, Adam was charged to watch over Eden. There is a responsibility not just being a gardener, but to…

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    Christianity and the Problem of Slavery

    Just to share my thought which may be stupid to you, but please bear with my stupidity for a min 1. The Scriptures is a record of God’s dealing with mankind with respect around a few critical issues: One of it being SIN, in contrast to how an absolutely holy God deals with the creation. It is not a guideline to anti slavery. But there are TONS of scriptures on Slavery – God saw the cries of his people in Egypt, and God sent Moses  – Israel was under siege in Canaan, God sent Gideon, Samson and the judges – Leviticus Laws protected strangers and servants in laws to protect…

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    American Gospel

    Years ago, I sat in a service, hearing some Christian leaders on the stage, talking about how it is ok for young people to get on tinder, or how to break up with their girlfriend or boyfriend, etc; I sat there grieving. At that time I was not sure why I was feeling so angry, sad, and aggrieved. Even among the church today, we are preaching a social gospel without Christ, but a social feel good psychology prep talk on how to be a good person. We are living in an age where pastors said they heard from God, but have proven how ‘impotent’ their god is, we hear preachers…

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    Entering into the Presence of God

    There is a distinct misunderstanding of God’s omnipresence vs God’s presence in the church today. This misunderstanding is probably one of the major reasons for many false teachings today in the church that is a mixture of the ancient mysticism, paganism and contemplative eastern religion practices. We are all surrounded by AIR, yet, in some cases, we need special intake of oxygen especially in cases of medical requirement. God’s presence is like the air that surrounds us, yet, in the scriptures it is clear on a few things 1) Scriptures often bring to us a focus on the personality of God and that He is a personal God. He is…

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    Whose’s glory?

    One of the major ‘doctrines’ of modern worship is summed up in the lyrics of the famous “What a beautiful name” by Hillsongs, You didn’t want heaven without usSo Jesus, You brought heaven down “What a beautiful name” Hillsongs Worship The verse, neatly tucked in some of the beautiful lyrics of the song that builds up to the powerful name of God is all about us, really. This is not just a problem for the modern church or Christianity in general, but a reality in the condition of the church which in its core, lies the true worship of ourselves – Idolatry. There is a perfect unity, fulfillment, love, and…

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    The church is obsessed with Worship

    The world of the contemporary church scene today is often associated with hyped up set up of full stage band, emotionally charged lyrics that appeal to our emotions, and the worshippers are encouraged to express their faith through the unison of voices singing with the loud music. At the turn of the century where popular worship scene has put the forefront of Christian music into the church where at last the imagery of archaic and seemingly outdated practices are being replaced by hip and modern forms of expression. This is coined today as contemporary worship that the new generation of Christians that connect them to the spiritual activity in the…

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    Alone in a crowd

    I was at a gathering today where my wife is part of the organisation, where friends came and met up with each other with the usual warm recollection of their experience with the organisation. I have never felt so out of place, that my 40 years of life is but one big failure. Now, looking at what I have, I have wasted my life and I have absolutely nothing to thank God for. I have never felt more of a loser than ever and I will never ever amount to anything. I wish I can remain out of place and locked away in a quiet big room that I could…

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    Lots of books is ​good

    Having lots of books is a good thing apparently. I think I have more than a thousand books and many are unread and so it seems to be a good thing. “It is our knowledge — the things we are sure of — that makes the world go wrong and keeps us from seeing and learning.”— Lincoln Steffens My library serves as a reminder of how ignorant I am. So much of what is on the bookshelf is about God and I know nothing, I am lost in this universe where the emptiness of space is as much as what my life is, cold, empty and nothing.