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    Day 3: Conduct of Christians

    “Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another. Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.” Ephesians 4:25-27 ESV I am confronted again and again over the years on a flaw and how much I have rationalized it away, is always a prick or a thorn in my soul. A Christian ought to have conducted themselves above reproach, and above questionable integrity, and how this part is something I’ve kept God away for ages, hoping God will overlook this part…

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    Day 2: Saved by Grace

    There is nothing complicated about Christianity, however, man’s wicked devices have complicated the simple message of faith that is by grace, we are saved. The man asked about the signs, who are those four horsemen, who is the mystery Babylon, and the truth, none of these really matters. We can be great apologist, an accomplished theologian, and consummate religion guru, none will save us. Our pursuit of such knowledge is not the reason for our salvation, Christ is. The late Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones once said, if we are not changed by Grace, we are not saved by grace. That is the truth in the central doctrine and pillar of…

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    Day 1: Give thanks

    In the first month of Jan 2020, there recorded a total of 11185 earthquakes, a massive locust swarm ravaging through East Africa that will surely bring about famine, an outbreak of a new pandemic out of China Wuhan, with more than 12000 infected worldwide that resulting in more than 400 dead and is expected to escalate as countries worldwide are imposing travel bans to and from China, an historic peace plan to be introduced in the middle east by the Trump administration for Israel and Palestinians, rumors of war in the middle east with Iran firing missiles at Israel and American warships, and signs happening in the heavens where both…

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    Entering into the Presence of God

    There is a distinct misunderstanding of God’s omnipresence vs God’s presence in the church today. This misunderstanding is probably one of the major reasons for many false teachings today in the church that is a mixture of the ancient mysticism, paganism and contemplative eastern religion practices. We are all surrounded by AIR, yet, in some cases, we need special intake of oxygen especially in cases of medical requirement. God’s presence is like the air that surrounds us, yet, in the scriptures it is clear on a few things 1) Scriptures often bring to us a focus on the personality of God and that He is a personal God. He is…

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    Death is a Certainty

    All have sinned and fallen short of God’s standard. And the wages of Sin is Death. ~ The Bible (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23) Death is a strong if not, a sure certainty to the reality of God. If there is no God, no absolute moral law, then death is not logical. if Death is a certainty, all men will die one day, then it is also logical that God will provide a way out, and better yet, He provided that solution by crucifying His own Son.

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    Whose’s glory?

    One of the major ‘doctrines’ of modern worship is summed up in the lyrics of the famous “What a beautiful name” by Hillsongs, You didn’t want heaven without usSo Jesus, You brought heaven down “What a beautiful name” Hillsongs Worship The verse, neatly tucked in some of the beautiful lyrics of the song that builds up to the powerful name of God is all about us, really. This is not just a problem for the modern church or Christianity in general, but a reality in the condition of the church which in its core, lies the true worship of ourselves – Idolatry. There is a perfect unity, fulfillment, love, and…

  • Worship-obsessed

    The church is obsessed with Worship

    The world of the contemporary church scene today is often associated with hyped up set up of full stage band, emotionally charged lyrics that appeal to our emotions, and the worshippers are encouraged to express their faith through the unison of voices singing with the loud music. At the turn of the century where popular worship scene has put the forefront of Christian music into the church where at last the imagery of archaic and seemingly outdated practices are being replaced by hip and modern forms of expression. This is coined today as contemporary worship that the new generation of Christians that connect them to the spiritual activity in the…

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    FOP endorses Todd White

    Happening this year 2019 in Nov, Festival of Praise which its history is full of ups and downs involving a whole lot of endorsement of false teachers, false prophets and erroneous teachings is at it again, bringing Todd White, the fruit of the prosperity gospel preachers Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland to Singapore.

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    I support Pink Dot!

    I SUPPORT PINK DOT if it is really true, that Pink dot movement is all about the freedom to love who we choose to love and the freedom to express that love. If that is the case, speaking from the background of my faith, YES, the rock of my belief anchored on Love, and what that Love is, one of the greatest virtues that we can all seek. The question is, the Pink Dot movement is more than just the freedom to love and the way to express that, it is about the celebration of perversion. If they want to love each other, go ahead and i will put on…