Daily Devotion

3 January 2018

Isaiah 63:15

“Look down from heaven and see, from your holy and beautiful habitation…”

When left on our own, Man is inevitably heading to a path of self destruction, because we are evil, bent on rebellion against the Almighty God. Yet, there is a spark of the divine longing of such a fallible creature for something eternal, even in the wickedness of Man, we search for eternal life, yet in that eternity evil demands that we put ourselves on the pedestal of eternity worship. How far and wrong have we gone, that we should rebel against God who in eternity, in the absolute wonder of the Heaven, looked down on us and grieved. God does not just look down from that perfection of perfection, beauty of beauties, and most wonderful place onto earth but He put aside all that glories, and came down and be born as a baby that from All Powerful, to all dependance on his mother, Unlimited in awesome wonder, to a wrinkled screaming child that requires mere liquid food like milk to fill his stomach, from all sufficient to all depending. We serve a God who came, not on our merit, but because He chose to. That is something I am amazed and humbled. Once we have tasted the God of infinite beauty and awesomeness, what poison can we be tempted, but yet, human bean as it is, will still be tempted to go and eat some poison and hope we continue to enjoy the fruits of our wickedness. Pray God, keep me close to You, and that my life will continue to bring You glory.

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