Daily Devotion

19 January 2018

Psalms 78:39

39  He qremembered that they were but rflesh,

sa wind that passes and comes not again.


 The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (Ps 78:39). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

Today was a rather event day. Got involved in an accident and with that situation, Mercy and I reacted very differently and ended up in a huge fight. For me, it is about getting it right with the law, while she appealed to the gracious spirit to settle privately but both are the right thing to do, yet I had the sense that both are equally wrong.

Was reading on an article that was the opening address by Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones at the Puritan Annual Convention in 50s when he talked about ‘Revival’ and that Christians (be it either on the charismatic or pentecostal side, to the presbyterian side) one of the noticeable lack of the desire for Revival among the christian is the pursuit of intellectualism in the arena of theological purity. With Christian too absorbed with the letter of the Law, we forgot that the Spirit deals as He pleases (The Sovereignty of God, we must allow the possibility of God working nevertheless in a church of theological waywardness, and that when we quench the Spirit, we rejected the possibility of the move of God that sometimes won’t sit in the box of our own making.

Am i wrong since day 1? Am i even a Christian that it is only appealing to me in the intellectual state but has never cause the spiritual born again through the power of the Holy Spirit? I have ignored the reality of a balanced and quite possibly a spirit-filled life when i thought we need to be right in our theology first. No move of God started with theological soundness, but the openness of our spirit to the work of the Holy Spirit.

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