Daily Devotion

4 February 2018

O Lord our God, we come into Thy holy presence and we come, O Lord, to worship Thee; we come to praise Thy name. Great God of wonders, all thy ways are Godlike, matchless and divine. We thank Thee for the opportunity we have had together to remind ourselves of this. O help us, we pray Thee, at this hour to realise that Thou art of the Living God, and that Thou art looking down upon us in this room. O Lord, we come in the Name of Thy dear Son. We recognise we have nothing else to plead, we have nothing which we can present before Thee. We are all by nature children of wrath, even as others, and we have sinned against Thee deliberately and spurned the Voice Divine so often, followed our own wills, been proud of ourselves, of what we are not even recognising that what we are is the result of Thy gracious fights to us. O God, we see how poor and sinful and vile we all have become as the result of man’s original disobedience and sin and fall, and our own misdeed, and transgressions. So we come and we plead only Thy Name and the blood of Thy dear Son, and we do thank Thee that in Him we know that we have this access. Lord, make us all sure of it. Forgive us if we ever come into Thy presence in His Name, yet uncertainly .Grant us all the full assurance of faith that we may know our acceptance, that we may rejoice in Thy presence and praise Thy Name. We thank Thee together for the energies of thy blessed Spirit, We thank Thee that He does work within us both to will and to do of Thy Good pleasure. We know that would not be here even this afternoon were it not for this. We thank Thee that He brings us back to Thee, hat suddenly He visits us and causes us to read Thy Word and to turn unto Thee in prayer, O Lord, we have never seen or known so clearly that we not this salvation Thine from beginning to end, we would still be undone. We know it is Thy work an that thou art continuing it within us, and we humbly thank Thee for His disturbing us, for His convictions, for His ratings, for all His movements within us. O God, we thank Thee for this and our prayer is that we may know this in greater, a mightier manner. O Lord, enable us to pray in the Spirit. O Come, we pray Thee, therefore upon us int his very gathering and enable us to pray. Lord, thou knows our desire that Thy great Name may be magnified, that men and women may be humbled before Thee; yea, that the very nations be humbled before Thee. O God, authenticate Thy Word, grant power by Thy spirit unto those who preach it in sincerity, and truth. Revive Thy work O Lord, in the midst of these evil days. Hear us in our prayer and lead us on now by Thy Spirit that we may pray truly unto Thee. We ask it in Christ Jesus’ Name. Amen

~ Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones

Been missing the devotion entry for the last 3 days where i was on route back from Dallas USA. During the trip, i read the articles of Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones in his speech during the Puritan Conference in the 60s and it impacted me. Especially the view of theology, doctrines, and knowledge, the end must not be knowledge in itself, it is to be an intimate relationship of God. To know Him and to make Him Known. I am so full of pride, sheer arrogance to put intellectualism above  a relationship with God. To know Him, not to know about Him. Knowledge is powerless and only puffed up. Knowing and Doing makes a world of difference even tho it is by a hair line that separates the two extreme ends of faith, one that is dead as the letters of the Law, the others, alive with the Word of God drawn to illuminate the very person of God in an intimate relationship to know Him as my Father.

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