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16 April 2018 – Mission is not Evangelism

One of the biggest misconception growing up in a church, (sometimes, we create our own misconception), is that we often linked evangelism as missions. Apostle Paul as one of the greatest missionary in the early days of the church, advocating mission trips as one of the key factors for preaching the good news to cities or ethnic groups he so often wrote of very fondly in his letters, for example, to the christians in Corinth, Ephesus, Philippi, and many others, was however, very mistakenly thought as equal to evangelism. It is not. Evangelism is a command, part of the Christian DNA that should be part of our lifestyle to tell people about the good news to everyone around us, where Missionary trips are organised and very carefully put together intended activity that allows Christians, Churches or Para Church Organisations to ‘drop’ evangelists into often hostile territories to preach, and sometimes, a long period of plowing the ground for the gospel. When it seems that these two are the same, they are not. We can choose if we are to go or not to go on mission trips, but we are commanded to evangelise. Evangelism is a lifestyle, Mission Trip is an itinerary. God’s command is not just to get His church to get into an activity mode, program driven that measures the success by numbers, but be a church of transformed lives, that through lifting Christ up in a radically transformed life, evangelism carries that power as would miracles do in the early church as a testimony of the Gospel for the lost.

Christians often fear to evangelise, because of the fear of going for a mission trips, and this is where the huge disparity occurs. Consider Ecclesiastes 11:4 and what it says about risk: “He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap.” Meaning: without taking the risk of sowing when the seed might be blown away and reaping when the rain might ruin the harvest, you will starve.


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