Daily Devotion

19 April 2018 – The Pulpit’s Responsibility

Getting involved in the preaching team for the youth ministry was something that I recognized that is supremely divine, considering the time and transition from a job that I hated to something of an easier nature and something I can easily handle. Nevertheless, being involved in the team that will make a difference in the lives of the next generation of young people, is something I do not take it lightly. I remember reading what Spurgeon once taught his class of seminary students about full-time ministry was not of the faint of heart; it requires the noblest of men and women, the bravest yet the meek, the David among us yet with the total surrender of Paul and the love of John for Jesus. As I ponder on those qualities that qualify the called, I realised I have none. My heart can rest in the knowledge that I am not called into full-time, nor the pulpit, and yet I have a dream, which will only remain as such.

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