The grit of a Christian Soul

The Christian Faith is not just about professing a list of values that are definitively biblical, the scripture is not silent about the true reflection of a disciple of Christ, is what goes on the inside, is what goes on the outside, and that’s where I for one, have failed. Many times, I profess about godly values, but my mouth has nothing good and godly to say many times. And that I am guilty and I am as what the scripture plainly puts it as a HYPOCRITE. I am so sorry that I have brought dishonour to my King. My failures are not an indication of my desire to stay true to my God and my King and I am striving to stay on course. The first time, I felt my struggles were easier to bear especially when I am choosing to stay close to Him. Keeping Him and His Word close and guarding my heart, I pray that I can please My Lord. 

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