A treetop experience

Went on a sudden nature walk with my beloved wife Mercy at the Windsor Nature Park and we ended walking all the way to the treetop. 

My beloved wife at the treetop

It was a last minute adventure that we wanted to do and there, after walking from about 1pm to about 5pm and spent some really good time together with her on the way up with the muddy path, and perspiring through those trails. I like how we despite being married for about 7 years, still share moments (oh more than just moments) of enjoying each other and the delight of our presence doing something together. 

We saw a giant millipede on the way up and it was quite fascinating to get so closed to nature, even tho i love my dogs like Oreo and Donut so much, it is still amazing to have gotten close to nature. 

After the long walk up and down, now my muscles are in pain a bit but feeling really good. It is not like tiring out after running a marathon but it is like getting those sweat out and feeling really fresh, more alert and a good feeling about it. 

Saw a few monkeys around and they are so adorable and they are like totally enjoying living in this small nature reserve, and they looked happy. 

At the end a couple asked us for direction to the Botanical Gardens and ended up fetching them to the place. Glad we made a difference in that couple’s afternoon.

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