The Will of God

And he humbled you and alet you hunger and bfed you with manna, which you did not know, nor did your fathers know, that he might make you know that cman does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word1 that comes from the mouth of the Lord. 

Deut 8:3

The same verse was uttered by Jesus during His ordeal in the wilderness where the devil tempted. It is fascinating on the side note, that many so-called Christians often preached on how the Old Testament is no longer relevant today which is absolutely rubbish. Now, coming back to the subject on the Will of God, I have to write my thoughts down since it was the subject of a sermon preached in the church yesterday, and I had pockets of reflection done on the subject on what is the Will of God? I, myself, was wrong all along when comes to understanding the Will of God. I often took it that it is something that God wants like if God wills it, I could be super rich, or is that girl suppose to be my wife as God wills it? Actually, this verse came to me just today and three main things came to me in this verse explaining the Will of God in rather, a way too academic and will take a long time to live it out in understanding the meaning behind.

  1. In any situations be it bad or good, God in His will, allows it. For one reason, it is not by God’s own doing, but in His will, in bringing us in our humility, that resulting in us being hungry. Humility is not a friend of pride and self-sufficient, and that in God’s loving will, that He allows us to get hungry, so in our humility that we are led to a position to benefit from God’s provision. 
  2. Our journey seems a mystery in God’s grand plan. Where our feet threads, we can only see the sand and the dirt, never did God in His Will, has abandoned us to our makings for if He does, we are all doomed to our own failures. God in His mercy, fed us with manna. 
  3. The Will of God is never about if we are promised to find our right partner in life, or being materially rich. It is all about Him, The Will of God is intrinsically linked to Himself, it is all about God and all about His Glory. 

The Will of God must shift from how we are finding it to where we find it, it is in the centre of God, in His purpose, in Himself, exist by which all will, be subjected and be found in the fabric of meaning in the entity and what pleases Him. That, is the Will of God.

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