Do I​ worry?

Unequivocally yes, I do worry, and sometimes way too much than I might want to admit. I worry about money or how to meet the bills coming next month, looking for a new job to pay me more, worry about my wife’s safety at work and on the road when she drives, I worry about my mom and grandmother for their health etc, and I even worry about the welfare of my dogs if they will be happy or enough to eat etc. After losing my previous job which significantly reduces my income of more than 80%, with the worry about my financial obligation, I got too much worry about that and began to grow resentment against certain people that hatred grew in my heart. Over the last few months, God is dealing with me on that, to forgive and also for some reasons, keeping quiet why God allow this to happen, I struggle with forgiveness and more important in trusting God for my future. 

I need to be mastered by God’s Words, the if I should walk in the spirit, that I will trust in God for my future, my self-worth is not set on my income, nor my role, nor my ability with my education etc. God let me look past my circumstances and the uncertainty the situation presents, but to You, eternal and unchanging, and truly 100% faithful, abounding in unlimited love. 

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