Daily Devotion

Knowing Him above all else

I was meditating on something that my beloved wife was ranting about in the car that we Singaporean are so ungrateful. Now what am I grateful to God for

I am grateful for my mom and grandmother, and yes, they might be quarrelsome, loud, noisy, and all that but they are strong, resilient, poured out their lives for their family, and so much more. I am far blessed than many who may not have a family they can feel love and support from.

I am grateful for a wife, and yes I have always said Mercy is not a beauty queen but she is an absolute ANGEL. She has a heart of God, so big and huge to love, those that do not deserve any and people that hard to love. The way she poured out her life is a reflection of her love for God. 

For the two dogs and one gone in heaven, Donut and Oreo and the one who passed away recently Vodka, no one is more blessed to have dogs like them who reflected God’s faithfulness, unconditional love, the best friends and true companions! 

A house I can call my own – not in a fabulous expensive place, no swimming pool, no fanciful decoration or ostentatious renovation, but a small cosy, filled with so much warmth, with tons of books that can probably last me a life time to read and study, nice bicycles that i can ride fast and enjoying the ride as well, long board that i can fool around with my wife in the park, lots of nice guitars that God has allowed me to get and enjoying playing it, a nice study room with my gaming machines, laptops and cameras i can take beautiful photos of, and all the basic stuff like lights, shower gels etc.

I thank God also for the car, and aircon and things that so often I took it for granted but it is such things that make life on earth so much more comfortable. 

Above all, I had enough of such blessings and may my heart no be deceived by accumulating more of such things. I looked back, I had enough of life to say I am blessed and one thing I need more of, is to know Him more. It is one thing I feel the lack of, the missing thing that completes this life, is to know Him, and desiring to be in His presence always.

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