A serious problem

There is a great need especially more so in the church for the youth today. Many problems we see in society today that plagued the adults and their struggles are a precursor to what the next generation will embrace and grow be it worse, not better. The church went through an entire generation focusing on the distractions of the devil than seeking God in prayer for the young people in their church and now they are complaining many are losing their faith by the time they get to University or College and worse, they thought it was their lack of programs and structure? How wrong can they be, and nothing’s farther than the truth that they need less of programs and structures and they need a balance approach to the ‘theology of the heart’ and ‘theology of the mind’, to prepare themselves when their faith are in a siege by the wickedness of atheism, and post modernism. My heart breaks and my spirit is in deep grievance to know that this is happening in my church and i will not stand up against the authority God has appointed. I can only pray, and I can only pray. 

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