My Grandmother, a beautiful life.

She is not perfect, but the best grandmother ever. Ever since I remember when I was growing up, she was taking care of me and my brothers, taking us to our first church and to the Sunday school, and cooking for us etc. Whenever she can sneak pocket allowances to us when we needed more money and fetching us to and fro from school. She is not perfect definitely, going to buy lottery tickets, and always quarrelling with my mother, and insisting on her own ways. I love her, for being such a GREAT grandmother, who found Christ at the Billy Graham Crusade in 1978 December and going on to live a colourful and beautiful life. At this point of writing, my grandmother is getting into the last phase of life where we are hiring a helper to look after her, and feeding her. I would like to visit her more often and bring her out for walks on the wheelchair, and of course, get her some nice food. 

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