God’s Servant. A Title or A Character

At a dinner table, one of the kids commented that her mom is like a servant, and she got scolded for being rude. And the other guy commented that we are servant of God.

My thoughts as the above played out, perhaps they think only Jesus came to serve and not to be served is not the same as they are called to be served. So servant has a negative connotation ring to it. Second, if we are so proud to be called God’s servants, so the BIG question, what have we done today to serve God really. Or is the servant of God just a title that means nothing.

If Christianity is like this, no surprise why the young people today find it powerless and having absolutely no difference to the world that they are in. The Church today, is no different from the world, where they are only about building the biggest church, or getting the largest congregation, or their name being lauded as the most influential pastors and be counted as the who’s who. No surprise the families involved, were too busy building their own family, and sure, they are good people having fun enlarging their family with all the laughs during the festive season.

As I sat there. their behaviour reflected the exact kind of church they are from, and no surprise there with the type of message they preached, all about being the head, and being the most successful and the most prosperous where one of their pastors ended in jail for abuse of funds and lying to the world about how they are using the money. Sad to say, these so called ‘Christians’ and their brand of Christianity, are just another form of godlessness that is devoid of the message that ‘Cross’ demanded from them.

We are called to serve, and if my kid were to say I am a servant, that I am proud to say, I am a servant, because God came to serve, and I want to imitate Him. Unfortunately, I have no child, I am cursed to be childless. Second, as much as I want to serve, I reject the so called Christian Community.

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