Life’s colourless

Over the last year seems to be an endless fall into a deep abyss which there is no light at the end. I am struggling to keep my head above the water at the moment, and I am not sure if my grandmother’s death has any impact.

I felt that my life is all so meaningless, lost substantial amount of income with the switch in the job and I realised how much I need to strive to keep the family afloat with all the expenses and taxes and I am not sure I can do this much longer. Having to fight the urge to just let go and keep all that survives me to my wife so she will have enough.

I asked about where I am in my life today, I can’t say where I am at this time, and frankly, I find that I no longer care. The only few things that kept me going is my wife, my Oreo and Donut. I had to get my will done, and if I do go, I can go without worries.

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