Singapore not Antioch of Asia but soon another Sodom

In the recent incident involving the banning of the death metal band performing in Singapore, the person who started the 16,000 collective signatures in the petition to the authority that somehow led to the last minute change of position that led to the ban, and as a result, an outcry against the people who signed for the petition, the Christian community who lauded the decision as logical and sensible, and the author of the petition herself. At least in my opinion, the author got it wrong with her intention, the real evil is not the death metal band and their message of death and devil worship but two main observations that led me to believe the real evil is often more elusive than a band who is very direct in their Luciferian devotion. 

The Scripture spoke of a spiritual climate that is so devious, that it promotes total anarchy that has no sense of right and wrong. Prophet Isaiah spoke about when society calls evil good and good evil, when darkness is light and light for darkness, it is a picture of the real evil. It is when people lost their compass of morality and began to attribute to what evil is for to good. That’s the real evil, that the new generation of Singaporean that in the aftermath of the outcry to the ban, went online in their wickedness persecuting the people who are only in their interest to keep such devious band out of the country in safeguarding their family. I have seen many, who threatens and often in such a manner, that one may think that it is almost demonic in nature with their nature of attacks. Second is I wonder, why is the number for the signing of the petition only limited to 16,000 and not in the millions? Our society is changing, and the church has failed to stand up and be counted for a force of goodness, we have let our banner down and has become cold. No longer is the church defending the fundamental moral standard, and they are more interested in being the more trendy and popular church that is so much like the world. That’s the two bigger evil than any death metal bands, which we may not be outrightly throwing ourselves at the feet of Satan but it appears we are a more convincing worshipper of the devil. It is time for the church to repent.

Now, a petition by these wicked people to punish those who call for the ban of the death metal band from performing in Singapore. I rest my case about when a society calling good evil and evil good, it is time to point out that Singapore is more like a Sodom than Antioch.

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