I support Pink Dot!

I SUPPORT PINK DOT if it is really true, that Pink dot movement is all about the freedom to love who we choose to love and the freedom to express that love. If that is the case, speaking from the background of my faith, YES, the rock of my belief anchored on Love, and what that Love is, one of the greatest virtues that we can all seek. The question is, the Pink Dot movement is more than just the freedom to love and the way to express that, it is about the celebration of perversion. If they want to love each other, go ahead and i will put on the pink tees any time, but if it is about celebrating their freedom to express perversion in the way that is detrimental to how the concept of family is, no matter a guy and guy or a girl and a girl coming together can produce offspring, it is not biologically possible. On the other hand, they can put on a video to debunk all the supposedly myths of the homosexual lifestyle should be inclusive, that whether being gay will not actively increase the risk of contracting AIDS, or that the homosexual community are richer than straights and contributing more to the GDP, the crux of the matter, it is never about wealth being the underlying concern of a society accepting LGBTQ, it is about the hidden agenda of the movement. Personally, i will embrace any LGBTQ as a friend, discrimination is always bad despite whatever background we come from. If there is anything the bigger community in concerned, is that we need to stop treating the LGBTQ as the outcast. I was as guilty as charged but I am not here to say that I am in agreement with the LGBTQ agenda, that we should never give an inch to these militant tactics to force the repeal of the law that stood as the vanguard to safeguard our society from these perversions, as we are saying in the latest development in the state of California, all pastors are now under the new bill introduced, to preach LGBTQ as part of the inclusivity message of the church. It is a fact, gays are among us, and are we truly seeing that just because they are gays, they were refused service from that hawker stores or refused entry in the movie theatre, or not given the equal opportunity at employment or in the school of their choice? Hardly. If so, truly, is the pink dot movement about love, then yes, we should all seek to be peacemakers and seek peace with all who is our neighbours, but if it is about advancing their agenda of unrestrained perversion, then, i do not care if their agenda is supported by trillion dollar assholes, or halfassed politician, we need to take a stand, or we will lose our morality and future for our children.

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