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Whose’s glory?

One of the major ‘doctrines’ of modern worship is summed up in the lyrics of the famous “What a beautiful name” by Hillsongs,

You didn’t want heaven without us
So Jesus, You brought heaven down

“What a beautiful name” Hillsongs Worship

The verse, neatly tucked in some of the beautiful lyrics of the song that builds up to the powerful name of God is all about us, really. This is not just a problem for the modern church or Christianity in general, but a reality in the condition of the church which in its core, lies the true worship of ourselves – Idolatry.

There is a perfect unity, fulfillment, love, and fellowship within the triune Godhead – God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That why would God create the universe to get love, and glory from us? Or even the arrogance in thinking that heaven is too lonely without us seems to make the whole Christian faith to center around human than around God.

Nevertheless, the nature of modern worship is not the cause but the fruits of the many false doctrines and teachings that have permeated into the church today. In the last hundred years or so, the tone of a generally accepted socio-Christian culture is eroded into one of distrust and animosity. This is what we know generally as post-modernism, where it is characterized by 3 elements. There is no objective Truth, Guilt is irrelevant, and hence Authority must be challenged.

Truth, as held by society in thousands of years, is now being rejected as any meta-narrative theory is violently opposed to. Many questioned the authority of truth as held by a Judeo-Christian worldview when the intellectual started questioning the OT and NT scriptures truth about 300 years ago that led to a society that is fractured with no foundation of any truth. Without a foundation of unchanging truth, there can be no right or wrong, no one can impose any ideas or conviction on anyone. Hence the rejection of knowledge is the result of such a post-modernistic worldview. Knowledge when taught or imparted, gave form to authority over someone, be it parents to their child, professors to students, or Scriptures to the believers, the power of knowledge is the fundamental tool to impose authority and power over someone. It is then, today, why there is no objective truth, cos there is a resistance towards authoritarian power that imposes their will on society. The violent civil uprising in parts of the world like Hong Kong, or in Latin America are the result that this generation views Authority as a source of evil that needs to be violently objected to.

When guilt is irrelevant, there is no evil, no good, therefore, it implies that there is no Good, nor Evil. Such implication is tragic when violence and wickedness are lauded as good and normal. From the spreading influence of perversion across the world and its fight against the law to justifying violence in civil disobedience and civil uprising against authority. These are the external symptoms of something seriously wrong with the culture and the people themselves. When the culture rejects evil, it self perpetuates the cycle of self-destruction and the decay of the moral that shapes the fabric of society.

The two ultimately led to or contribute to the central doctrines of the rebellion of the fallen human race against the Almighty God. Unfortunately, the Church today has no answer to this challenge, and instead of standing up against such tide of wickedness, the church is subverted in its false teachings of seekers friendly, feel great worship songs that put ‘self’ on the pedestal of adoration that is infested with the materialistic greed that this world identifies with. From the leaders to the people where week after week in the congregation to the pulpit, professing the Cross but lack the power of it.

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