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American Gospel

Years ago, I sat in a service, hearing some Christian leaders on the stage, talking about how it is ok for young people to get on tinder, or how to break up with their girlfriend or boyfriend, etc; I sat there grieving. At that time I was not sure why I was feeling so angry, sad, and aggrieved.

Even among the church today, we are preaching a social gospel without Christ, but a social feel good psychology prep talk on how to be a good person. We are living in an age where pastors said they heard from God, but have proven how ‘impotent’ their god is, we hear preachers talking about how we can be great as David defeating his Goliath so we can defeat our giants in life; is this the real church that God is looking for when Jesus comes back again? Personally, I only see the church today only interested and thought to be God’s people when it is about programs, the next conference, the next hype of a new strategy, the next move of God, and the list goes on without a Christ-centred message. How my heart is discouraged when so many who call themselves Christians may not be even born again, are calling themselves Christians but they live like as if there is no God.

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