I have always love Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, and there is a new TV series about doctors in a public hospital call New Amsterdam! Hence now, I have double reasons to love Amsterdam! The show has touched on multiple values which may clash with Christian values especially the overtly display of homosexual relationship within the show.

Here are some thoughts

  • Yes, homosexuality behaviours are obviously contradictory to Christian values but we are called to love people even if they are professing homosexuals. They are talented, nice, warm, big-hearted etc like Dr Frome (in the show). It is time to put on a new glasses to look at them and love them for who they are, even tho we as Christians, may not agree with their lifestyles.
  • Dr Max Goodwin’s words, “How can we help you”, reflects the axiom of what doctors should be, and all the more, it has caused me to think that in whatever capacity I find myself in, we are here, in how we can contribute and help others. I shall make that my own axiom and foundational principle in life, to say to people around, “How can I help”?
  • Also how I view my own mortality with so much sicknesses, pains, losses, victory when we see people surviving cancer etc. If I have taken a more serious view on my own health and that second, if I were to die today, I know I would have taken care of Mercy and settle what type of support she will have moving forward.
  • The show also opened up multiple incidents with regards to babies and how Mercy wanted a baby. I truly, and am fully understand her want and the pain in that she wants to be a mother; but I think no one will ever understand the pain husband especially me, has, that the fault lies completely with me. I could give all to support Mercy in her ministry, but I cannot give her a child, and that’s my greatest regret ever in this life.

Love this show and Mercy loves it too. I wonder if there is a season 3 to this series.

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