A messy world of self and sex.

A lot of things were said about the millennia, and unfortunately, most of it is true. The generation that is the epitome of the world that is in a mess; has gone deeper into the hole of self-absorption, sex, and a warped sense of morals defined by their own experience. None more so to portray such a world is one of the Netflix series that hit the screen recently – the Bold Type.

A tweet that went out a few days ago that sort of summed up the sentiment that when one has watched the series, but can’t help and wonder that there is something seriously wrong with this world if that’s what the show revealed .

Why would young people want to be like these girls when they grow up? The world of unbridled sexual debaucheries from a raunchy one-night stand, multiple partners, gratifying homosexual lifestyles, holding to a pseudo-moral that’s anchored in the self which is knee-deep in confusing self-righteous. It is frightening to envision tomorrow’s world to be like this wherein short glimpses of these girls’ messed up world that there is a deep desire for marital faithfulness, a world that’s not defined by the colours of their skin, where academic qualification does not define one’s value, passion is a requirement of life itself, fight for social justice and friendship that is so rare that makes us all wish that we have friends like that. Nonetheless, such will not diminish the typical chic-flick gone wild on steroid that is very much a sad tragic reflection of the world today, and more so, something that should scare every parents that this is the world their children will grow up to especially when they said they want to be like these girls when they grow up.

Our definition of Bold is no longer about the world changer that stood against tyranny, today it is about those who instead, celebrate the opposite, to do what they want. It is all about the worship of self in order to do what they want when they want it, and how. The truly “Bold Type” are the ones who stood against the wicked culture of their time for justice like Elijah who stood against the wicked servants of Baal or Daniel in Babylon among the godless religious fanaticism, or more recent William Wilberforce who campaign for the abolishing of Slavery throughout the British Empire. Truly, today we need the “Bold Ones”, but not these messed up girls, to show us that boldness is not just a quality of courage, but an undeniable ingredient from a conviction in a timeless rock of absolute truth. Only when one is standing on a rock that is unchanging and unmovable from the tides of cultural shifts in rights or wrongs that boldness has a touch of strength that will make a mark of itself.

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