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Need no friendship but I still keep 3 whiskey glasses

They said everybody needs friends, but I bet to differ. As one grow older, it seems life deals us bigger perspective about ourselves and that includes the superficialities of friendship. I remember how someone gave me a book on reclaiming friendship when I was 18, and the guilt that comes with it, thinking that there is something seriously wrong with me. I do not need friends or rather, I do not have people whom I need to constantly rely on, talk to or with about things, and mauling over life’s cares and woes; in fact, I tried to make friends, and do care, but I find it so ridiculously pointless. Perhaps it is the expectation that having invested in relationship that keeps failing short and that disappointment is just not worth the effort. I too, can give up on friendship and I wish to say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the thinking some of us, do not need friends. As a matter of fact, I have dogs and they are way better companions than human beans, I have books that keep me engaged intellectually, and to express myself where I turn to photography or computer games of which all the above are adequate in replacing that interaction or engagement that friendship seems to promise but instead of failing to meet the expectation of the latter, for some of us, I feel absolutely comfortable in the activities around things or pets that fit my life’s rhythm and demand. I am happier without friends, but it does feel great to have whiskey with people occasionally because despite what people tried to label me, I am not a hermit; it is just that I revelled in solitude and take my strides in my interaction with life. After all, not everyone is made equal and not our life’s priorities are the same.

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