Daily Devotion

Day 4: Grace and Mercy that humbles me.

For the Lord delights in his people, he crowns the humble with victory Psalms 149:4 Throughout the Scriptures, one resounding theme of a specific character trait of human beans that please God, that is humility. Opposite of that, pride, is the idolatry of self, that thinking we can be ‘god’. Humility redefines human’s struggle for […]

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Daily Devotion Thoughts

Entering into the Presence of God

There is a distinct misunderstanding of God’s omnipresence vs God’s presence in the church today. This misunderstanding is probably one of the major reasons for many false teachings today in the church that is a mixture of the ancient mysticism, paganism and contemplative eastern religion practices. We are all surrounded by AIR, yet, in some […]

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